This will be the second edition of this event, following the September 2016 edition.

The event will take place on La Grande Côte des Éboulements, in the municipality of Les Éboulements, Quebec, where previous international records have been set. Top athletes will compete on the 2 km route, reaching speeds of more than 130 km / h. Their goal is to break the previous records set by Carlos Paixao of Brazil in skateboarding (85.14 mph) and the luge, set by Mike McIntyre of California (101.98 mph), as well as the records of 3 other disciplines.

The event will be a spectacle in itself. At the front row, the show will take your breath away. The suspense will be insane.




Peter Andersson – Sweden
Max D Ballesteros – Brazil
Brennan Bast – Australia
Max (Maxwell) Capps – US
Mateus Cavinato – Brazil
Pete Connolly – UK
Cedric Cornell – Norway
Douglas Dalua – Brazil
Tim Del – US
Louis-Philippe Déry – Quebec
Gael (Kami San) Desfontaines – France
Nikolas Desmarais – Quebec
Cassandra Duchesne – Quebec
Jason Harvey – Quebec
Anders Inde – Sweden
Benjamin Jackson Legros – Quebec
Pascal Jean – Quebec
Nelson Knight – Canada
Frederik Laberge – Quebec
Thiago Gomes Lessa – Brazil
Zak Maytum – US
Adam Persson – Sweden
Isac Printz – Sweden
Emily Pross – US
Justin Rolo – US
Aaron Skippings – UK
Max Vickers – US


Damian Andrey – Swiss
Ross Baradoy – Swiss
Matt Bartlett – US
Frederick Desjardins – Quebec
Olivier Filiatrault – Quebec
Alexander Tikialex Frischauf – Austria
John Fritz – Canada
Michael G Goattington – Australia
Tim Koch – Quebec
Alexandre Cerri Machado – Brazil
Nic McKirdy – Australia
Kolby Parks – Canada
Bill Smrtic – US
William Stephenson – UK
Beni Weber – Swiss
Frank Williams – US
Frederik Laberge – Quebec


Sandro Bovo – Italy
Shaun Condon – Australia
Gabe Holm – US


Paul Janson – UK
Cyril Schroeder – France
Cédric Touchette – Quebec
Zak Maytum – US


Doug Anderson – US
Andy Ash – UK
Iain Rooney – UK
Fast Donnie Schoettler – US


Diego Campos Gasparelo – Brazil


Le Camp le Manoir

The event to a collaboration with Le Camp le Manoir as well, the participants are invited to stay there. The camp will be the focal point of the evening activities (BBQ, music show etc.)

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Event 2016

This first event was the first event of its kind in these disciplines, since Signall Hill, Ca in the 1970s, where the world’s top athletes from nine countries and three continents competed to establish the new Record speed in the five gravity sports.





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